Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Arianator TagπŸ’­

Hello my loves! So today I'm back with a blogpost I thought would be fun for me to do and it is an Arianator Tag. If you don't know what that is then let me explain, basically it is a tag about Ariana and the fandom aka Arianators, originally created by the lovely Quisha Rose on YouTube. Since I've been this fandom for a long time now I thought I should do the tag too, so I really hope you enjoy.

1. Where did you find out about Ariana?
I found out about Ariana from Victorious and Sam & Cat, where she played Cat Valentine and also when she did covers on YouTube. 

2. What part of the fandom are you in? (Twitter, Instagram, etc)
I'm in every part of the fandom, but I'm mostly on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. 

3. What was the first song you heard from her?
 I honestly can't remember but I think it was probably "Put Your Hearts Up" or a cover she did on YouTube. 

4. What are your top 10 songs by her?
Okay I love all of her songs but my top 10 would definitely be like this...
πŸŒ™ One Last time
πŸŒ™ Daydreamin'
πŸŒ™ Honeymoon Avenue
πŸŒ™ Focus
πŸŒ™ Into You
πŸŒ™ Knew better/Forever boy (part 1 and 2)
πŸŒ™ My Everything
πŸŒ™ Best Mistake
πŸŒ™ Thinking Bout You
πŸŒ™ Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

5. What is your favorite cover she has done?
I have two favorite cover by her that I just can't stop listening to: "I Believe In You And Me" and "Emotions". 

6. What is you favorite thing about the fandom?
My favorite thing about the fandom would definitely be how loving and caring and funny everyone is to Ariana and everyone else in the fandom.

7. What is your favorite thing about Ariana?
How much love she gives to everyone... and how inspiring young woman she is. 

8. Who do you ship her with?
Whoever makes her happy but my favorite is Mac, because they are so cute and happy together and they both support each other a lot. 

9. What is your favorite Honeymoon Tour outfit?
I have many... 

10. What is your favorite Cat Valentine quote?
Without doubt, this one... 

11. Who is your favorite artist she has collaborated with?
I couldn't pick one so I'm just gonna list my fave collaboration songs she has done. 
πŸ’œ Side To Side with Nicki Minaj
πŸ’œ Quit with Cashmere Cat
πŸ’œ The Way with Mac Miller
πŸ’œ Bang Bang with Jessi J and Nicki Minaj
πŸ’œ Almost Is Never Enough with Nathan Sykes
πŸ’œ Over And Over Again with Nathan Sykes
πŸ’œ Best Mistake with Big Sean
πŸ’œ Everyday with Future
πŸ’œ All My Love with Major Lazer and Machel Montano
πŸ’œ Favorite Part with Mac Miller
πŸ’œ Beauty And The Beast with John Legend
πŸ’œ E piΓΉ ti penso with Andrea Bocelli

12. What Ariana experiences have you had?
Sadly none yet, but I do have a collection of her things and I did just order the OneLoveManchester sweatshirt she wore to the concert and I'm so happy I can help out the people who were affected by this tragedy. 

13. What's your favorite dog of hers?
Probably Touluse or Cinnamon, but I obviously love them all. 

So that's it for my Arianator Tag. I hope you enjoyed and if you are a fan of Ariana as well then I tag you to do the same tag and you can tweet or DM me a link, because I'd love to read it. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Female♀

Hey y'all!♥ Ugh.. I feel so bad that I've been gone for such a long time but I'm back now and I have a really important post for y'all to read. Since it's international women's day today, I thought I'd talk about something that is for all of us females.

As a young woman, I know what it's like to be a female, it's both good and bad. But to me it should be only good. Today I really wanna talk about something that a lot of girls don't really realise they're doing and that is bashing other girls. Us females should love each other and we should stick together like best friends. It's so stupid that we post posts about #girlpower but on the other hand we slut shame other girls. #girlpower means loving each other and sticking together. So when you say you're a feminist or whatever, remember what that actually means. It doesn't mean hate men and take over the world, it means love everyone equally. I am not better than you, you are not better than her or he is not better than you, we are all equal and we all deserve the same amount of love. I also wanna tell you that as females we should all stand up for each other and ourselves. We have this power called being a female and we need to show this society that. I wanna tell y'all that we can change this world when we show our love to each other, it truly helps and if you are a teenage girl like me than instead of calling her a slut or ugly tell her something beautiful, maybe about her hair or her eyes or whatever. Think about what you say and before you say anything think if that really is necessary. Like Ariana has said in her lyrics "If we give a little love maybe we can change the world". Let's make each other proud to be females.

So that is what I wanted to share with you ladies today and I really want you to remember that. I also added some of my fave quotes and bible verses about love and girl love here so I hope you enjoy. I love you all so much and happy international women's day to everyone!♥

Sunday, 25 December 2016

What I got for my birthday♥

Hello everyone, welcome back! So as most of you know, December 1st was my birthday and I asked you guys on my instagram would you like to see/read a what I got for my birthday post and a lot of you said yes, so here it is. Also I thought I'd change up my blog a bit by making it a bit Christmassy, hope you like it.So here we go...♥

I'm gonna start off with this cute little fawn/deer Christmas decoration. Now I actually bought that myself with some of my birthday money and just look how cute this is. It has a ballet skirt on and an adorable little tiara, so I'm really happy about that
Now my parents spoiled me, I'm so thankful for everything they got me. They surprised me with this gorgeous Ariana Grande perfume which I've been wanting for a looonnggg time. It's the Ari one and OML this is just such a me scent, I wear it pretty much everyday and it smells so yummy.
They also got me the Zoella beauty Wonder Hand hand cream and I lovee it so much, it smells so nice and it works well on my hands because they get pretty dry in the cold winter. And the best part is that it's NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.♥
Since Tanya Burr released her 2016 Christmas range, I've been obsessed with everything. I mean this range is just Christmas in my style aka pastel and girly. My fave thing from that range had been the Beautifully Defined pallet just because the packaging is AMAZING plus the products inside it are SO gorgeous. My favorites are obviously the highlighters. I was just soooo happy when my parents surprised me with this.
Now moving on to what my best friend got me... I still don't get it, how did she know that I had been wanting the Fantasy by Britney Spears. And even better she got me the like full on set which comes with a body lotion, shower gel and the perfume.
Finally I got this beautiful pink faux leather skirt from Zara. It's really nice quality and it's really my style. I love to wear it with white high neck tops and cable knit sweaters.

That's all for my birthday gifts this year. I'm REALLY thankful for everything I got and for everyone who made my birthday the best ever (you know who you are). I love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!♥ Bye x

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Pink Wonderland Room Touches♥

It's finally here everyone, Christmas and also a holiday collab with my loves. So we all made girly Christmassy videos and blog posts for the holidays and I decided to make a kind of like a pink wonderland room tour but I'm only showing you the Christmassy touches I have in my room, so hope you enjoy. I wanna say one thing, yes my decorations are all really girly and pink even on Christmas because on Christmas I'm totally inspired by the Nutcracker and that's why everything is really girly so yeah. Anyway moving on to the room touches. And also I'm gonna link all of their videos and channels down below under the pictures.

First of all, my Christmas tree. Now the theme for it is the Nutcracker meets glam. I have two of these cute little golden heels. Then these two ballerinas which I actually bought in Latvia at a store called AlanDeco and it had a lot of amazing girly decorations. I then have these little cupcakes which went with the Nutcracker theme because of the Land of Sweets and then I have these tiny purple baubles, which reminded me of candy, so again it went with the theme. You can't actually seem them in the pictures but I also have two little white faux fur balls which reminded me of snow and they also went with the glam theme.
Then the other part I decorated in my room was my vanity area. First of all I have this tiny birdcage looking thing that I got for Christmas from my best friend, so I thought it would be a perfect place to put out some of my fave Christmas Lush products, first it makes your room smell really nice and it looks cute.
 Then on my make up drawers I have this adorable glittery and pastel colored angel and next to that I have a really good smelling vanilla candle burning and behind these two things I have my Pink Christmas Book that I diy'ed and I got inspo for it from Niki and Gabi's holiday room decor video.

Also on my vanity I have my Tanya Burr Cosmetics pallet, along with this cute little vintage deer that I got for my birthday and I also have the Zoella Beauty hand cream with them.
The last thing I did was I put some white tinsel around some picture frames that I have on my windowsill. I think it looks adorable and simple.
That's it for this post. I really hope you liked it and got some ideas. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and even more amazing New Year!♥ Bye x.

Links to the girls I collabed with
Cassidy- Cassidy Noelle
Olivia- Olivia Claire

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Mini Christmas Lush haul♥

Welcome back everyone! Today I'm making a Lush haul, I've always wanted to do this so here it is. I only bought like four items that I was like obsessed with but still I wanted to show y'all what I got because I think that Lush products are really good last minute Christmas gifts to show someone you thought of them and they are just amazing to use. I haven't used them yet so I don't exactly know how good they are but I have heard some people talk about these so I'm sure they are amazing. And if you didn't know yet Lush is against animal testing, which is AMAZING so all of you my vegan readers should just go to lush and buy yourself some.
 Starting off, I bought this cute little bubble bar and it's called Candy Mountain. It has a really nice girly sweet scent. I love it sooo much, so if you are girly girl like me you should buy this.
 Moving on, I bought another bubble bar and this one is called the Magic Wand. Again it smells really sweet and let's be honest it looks so flipping amazing that you just need to buy this and it has silver glitter on it.
 Then I bought two batch bombs and the first one is this beautiful little golden gift, it's actually called the Golden Wonder. That one has an adorable little like surprise in it, I'm not gonna say what it is because I don't want to ruin it to those who don't know it yet. It again smells sweet but not as much as the bubble bars, this one has more of a stronger scent but still amazing.
Last but not least, I bought this, Father Christmas bath bomb and it's a PINK SANTA CLAUS. Omg, it smells soooo good too, I don't have anything else to say about this just AMAZING.

So that's it for my little Lush haul. I'd really recommend for you guys to go and get yourself some of these amazing bath bombs Lush has brought out for Christmas this year. I love you all so much and stay tuned for some more Christmassy blog posts coming soon. Bye x